Teaching Our Children About the Solar Eclipse

TODAY during  the middle of the day, the sky will become dark and the sun will appear almost entirely black.  There will be a very rare total solar eclipse. With Charlie starting 4th Grade today I didn’t know if they kids would get to see it or not. To me this is sad as children in public schools miss out on lots of things.

Because if Charlie hadn’t been in School this morning we would have been able to visit the Perot Museum to for a Solar Eclipse watching party. Although it fine that we missed it as it wasn’t Gods will for us to attend. Because if Charlie hadn’t been in school David was working so we wouldn’t have had a way.

So this afternoon when Charlie returns from school since I wasn’t sure if they would be able to see the Solar Eclipse of not I found some things we can do. Which will allow me to teach Charlie about the Solar Eclipse and if they did learn about it in school he can share with me what they learned as well.


Books for 4th Grade

Your Guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (The Patrick Moors Practical Astronomy System) 


Solar Eclipse Bento Lunch from Eats Amazing

Solar Eclipse Cookies from Orbit Oregon

Total Solar Eclipse Tostadas from Alison’s Allspice

How to Make Easy Mini Moon Pies from The Good Stuff

Solar Eclipse Sandwich Snack from Edventures with Kids

Cool Total Solar Eclipse Facts from Homeschooling Today

25 facts you should know about the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse from Astronomy Magazine

FREE 2017 Solar Eclipse Guide from Star Net Libraries

Totality Eclipse App from Big Kid Science

What Will Happen During the Solar Eclipse? Video from SciShow Kids

What is a Solar Eclipse? Video from Ballinger Family

Everything You Need to Know about the Great American Solar Eclipse! from Share It! Science News

Eclipse Live Stream from NASA

Total Solar Eclipse App from Exploratorium

Eclipse Maps from NASA

FREE Solar Eclipse Math Lesson & Mini Unit from A+ Homeschool

Solar Eclipse Lapbook from Jimmie’s Collage

Total Solar Eclipse Painted Plates from JDaniel4’s Mom

Solar Eclipse Craft from Books and Giggles

Total Solar Eclipse Painted Plates from JDaniel4’s Mom

Solar Eclipse Craft from Books and Giggles

I hope you enjoyed these resources for the Solar Eclipse and if you know of others that should be on this list Please leave me a comment and I will get them added as soon as possible. In the meantime Please be safe and if you do intend looking at it Please make sure you have the glasses they mentioned.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Ca




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