Ultimate Blog Challenge 2016 Day 2

Ultimate Blog Challenge 2016 Day #2

Today when I got up I looked for my email with suggestions on what to post today in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge Day #3.  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to share or write about. So I just let the day progress and put the challenge on the back burner. And did the things I needed to do. And then God opened the door and I knew what I wanted to share today. And so here is my latest post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 3 American of Country Music Awards.

ACM - Academy of Country Music's Profile Photo

When I saw a commercial about the American Music Awards and knew I wanted to watch it. As I love “COUNTRY MUSIC” and always have and always will. And my daughter did as well. So it came on and I was glued to the TV when they announced Garth Brooks was going to give out a award.

Mommies Reviews Loves Country Music

And I felt a cold chill and like someone had just sat down next to me. And I could feel my daughter in the room with me. Telling me she was OK and that she was watching the show from Heaven. And as I sat there my son came into the room and looked at me and just said ‘it’s ok mom she is hear and see’s Garth.

And I was floored again by how in tune a child can be to the feelings his parents are facing. So tonight as I finish watching the American Music Awards all I can say is I am one lucky mom as I had 2 beautiful children. That I love more than life itself. And I am so happy the Lord Blessed  me with them.

And that he gives the opportunity to share the things I love with them. Such as my love of Country Music and Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, And Garth Brooks and so many more. And I would like to let them know I appreciate them and there music as they are a part of my life that I couldn’t live without them.

And so today as a parent I am in love with Tim McGraw new song Humble and Kind because I can hear myself saying these things to both Suzzane and Charlie. And since I wasn’t sure if you had heard this song or not I thought I would share it with.

And I would like to thank the Lord for Blessing me with the two best children ever. And I will always Love you Suzzane and never stop missing you. Or thinking about you each and everyday. And if I had one wish it would be to give you a hug and tell you how proud I am of you. And how much I love you.

May 8, 1988 to Nov. 28, 2004

And to my beautiful son, Charles, who will be 9 this year.

All I can say is how fast time how grown and how proud I am of you.

Ultimate Blog Challenge 2016 Day #2

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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