Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 10

Good morning, welcome to the Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 10. Can you believe it is the 10th of October already? So this mornings prompt for the challenge is to host a “Town Hall Meeting”. Which means you can come and ask questions or suggest topics for me to write about. Any subject is welcome as long as it is “Family Friendly”.

Also I have a question for you what are your plans for the last three months of the year? Have you started planning for next year? If so what are your plans for both your personal and also in your business? Is there something you wasn’t able to do this year which you want to make sure and do next year?

As for me I just want to learn how to schedule my Social Media shares using a site like Hootsuite and to build relationships with local business and to gather more local events for my family to attend. If I could I would like to secure at least one Hotel Stay this year either in my Town or in a local town as to me being able to stay in a hotel would mean I have arrived as a blogger.

Also will this be the year I secure that elusive Keuring Coffee Pot? Keep watching to see if it happens as I still dream about it.


Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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