Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11

Welcome to Day 11  of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Happy Wednesday – It’s More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys!!

As soon as I saw the quote above I had to stop and think about  it and just sit and reflect and thank God that we have made it to Wednesday. With no, major breakdowns because when my dad is visiting anything can and will happen. So yeah, we are almost home as he will go back home on Saturday.

Now before you ask me if I am glad he is going home the answer would be no, because I will miss him. But since he has had several Strokes in the past and has gotten older. He doesn’t watch what he says and so a lot of times it causes him to butt heads with David or Charlie. So this morning I would like to thank both David and Charlie as they have been wonderful.

So now back to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Day 8. This mornings prompt is to:

Share with you  who my superhero was!

Did you have one growing up as a child? Did you emulate him/her? What did you like about them? Did they have any special super power or was your hero a television or sports celebrity?

If you think it too childish to talk about childhood heroes, how about someone that you look up to today?! Is there a public figure you admire? Do you have a co-worker that you think is the best? What is it about him/her that gets you all worked up?

I am so old that I can barely remember my childhood and the only Superhero I remember from back then was Batman and and no, I didn’t think of him as my hero. When Suzzane was little they was in love with Batman and Robin, Suzzane was always Robin and David was Batman.

Along come Charlie and he was obsessed with Superman and yes, I liked all three of them but none of them are my heros.  Although I did have a hero just like any little girl and it was my dad and he still is my hero. As a child I didn’t think he could do anything wrong and even though as an adult I know he can as I have seen it firsthand he is still my hero.

Although I could add two more people to that today and they are David and also David’s dad as I think they can do no, wrong and I know no, matter happens that they will take care of Charlie and I. Charlie and I are truly blessed to have them in our lives as are our families. So this morning I would like to thank them for all they do for us.

Then share one more Super Hero with you and that was my beautiful Daughter Suzzane who never meet a stranger and loved everyone. We donated her Organs and she was able to help 70 people. So even in Death she was a true hero and someone I will never forget. I love her to the moon and back and in a lot of ways Charlie is just like her.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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