Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 25

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 25


Well, we are to Day 25 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Can you believe January is almost over? For me it is so hard to believe. Now, before you ask if I was able to keep up during the challenge I wasn’t. I am behind but I am working like crazy to get caught up.

Which makes me sad to say as today the prompt that was sent out was to share some blogs we found through the challenge and have started following and unfortunately I haven’t been visiting the Facebook site and commenting on other blogs. So I don’t have any new sites to share with you. Which I know isn’t good.

So since I want to grow this year my goal for the rest of January is to find 10 Blogs I like and can find information on that would make me want to visit them again and again and to visit them each month for the rest of 2017 and to see what all I can learn from them as well as how I can help them be seen this year.

Once I pick out the blogs I find I will be following I will come back and share my list with you. But I have a question for you is there a blog you think would be perfect for this project and if so would you leave me a link to the site so I can check it out.

Ultimate Blog Challenge – January 2017!

Welcome to Day 25! This is your last Wednesday to blog during this challenge! Does that make you happy or sad?

Need an idea of what to post about? Here are some ideas that might work for you:

Day 25: Share what you have found

For the past 24 days, you have been visiting other people’s websites and blogs. At this point I can only image that you have some new sites that are on your list of regulars. You know, the list of websites that you go back each day to see what they wrote.

For today’s post, why not share them with your readers! That is exactly what Ultimate Blog Challenger Martha DeMeo did on her post, Five Blog Posts I Recently Discovered. This is also a great way you can connect with other bloggers. After all, don’t you love it when someone mentions your website in their blog post?

Another type of post you can write is to share sites that you visit when you just want to turn your mind off! When you have ‘those moments’ in your day when you just need to escape, what sites do you frequent?

So, you don’t want to share that list, huh? OK – how about sharing the sites you visit to get your news?

These are just some ideas you can use – like them, great! If not, come up with your own.

Don’t forget to share your Day 25 post first on your own website, and then head over to the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/UltimateBlogChallenge and share the URL of your post with the group.

If you are tweeting, use the hastag #blogboost to let folks know you are part of the community!

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