Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 27

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 27


Prompts for today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge. Just think there is only 3 more days left. Yahoo and Yippie I did the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I survived it.

Welcome to Day 27! Just 3 days after today!…

Here are some suggested topics for blogging. As usual, you can take it, or leave it.

Gonna tell a story morning glory…

Everyone loves a good story. Emotional stories can make a big impact and people remember them True tales can be compelling. Pretend ones can be fun. Your choice.

Don’t forget to share your Day 27 post first on your own website, and then head over to the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/UltimateBlogChallenge and share the URL of your post with the group.

If you are tweeting, use the hashtag #blogboost to let folks know you are part of the community!

Today we was asked to tell either a pretend story or a Emotional Story so I am torn between two stories and I will let you decide which one you would like to hear about. Just leave me a comment with either 1, 2 or neither as you would prefer a pretend story.

  1. Why  is Charlie described as a Gift from God.
  2. How it feels to lose a child to a freak accident.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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