US Family Guide Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms

US Family Guide Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas may have come and gone but Charlie was so excited this year when everyone around us starting decoration there homes for Christmas. That I couldn’t wait to help Charlie put up lights on our Christmas trailer. But once again God had other plans for us as David hurt his back at Christmas and we wasn’t able to decorate the way I had planned to.

Which was okay as I had a surprise up my sleeve for Charlie. It was through a promotion I did for US Family Guide and Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms. They allowed us to pick out a wreathe to us in our home. So I was so excited one the wreath arrived to hang it on our fence while Charlie was in school.

So I picked out a blue one I knew he would like. Even though I wanted to get one in red as it reminded me of Christmas and my mom.

So once the package arrived and I opened it up I was blown away by how pretty it was and how well it looked on our fence. It just made our house stand out.

So off to the grocery store I went as I needed to get back home to pick up Charlie so I could show him the wreathe from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms.

Only once I returned from the grocery store someone had taken the wreathe off the fence and we haven’t ever found it. So I Pray that who ever took our wreathe needed it more than we did and that they enjoyed it a lot.

As they really hurt a little boy who would never hurt anyone. You kept us from having any Christmas Decorations at all and almost made Santa miss our trailer as there was nothing to set it apart.

But what I can tell you is that I plan on purchasing another wreathe next year and I will put it inside the trailer so no, one can take it but so Charlie and I can enjoy it as he deserves to have the Christmas of his dreams.

At Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms we know how important it is to have the perfect Christmas tree for your festive celebrations.

Hilltop is a family run business delivering fresh aromatic Christmas Trees direct to your door throughout Continental USA and Canada.

You choose the date, we harvest your tree and UPS promise to deliver!

Adam and Natalie Stone established Hilltop Christmas Tree farms more than 20 years ago, producing beautiful, fragrant Fraser and Balsam Fir trees – the two most popular festive firs on the market. Based out of Florenceville-Bristol in New Brunswick, Canada, Adam and Natalie now own several large tree farms in the province and Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms and are the second largest producers in New Brunswick Province.

“We started our online Christmas tree delivery service because we wanted our customers in both Canada and throughout the United States to have the freshest, finest quality Fraser and Balsam fir trees in their home or workplace for the holiday season. Unlike others, we only grow the two most popular and fragrant Christmas trees sold within North America, and because we are a family business, we pride ourselves on taking the time to source only the best, premium grade Fraser and Balsam seedlings. We nurture them until fully grown, before harvesting them individually to order and then shipping them via UPS straight to your front door.

Hilltop trees offer superb needle-retention, lush green branches and that unmistakable fragrance that welcomes your friends and family home for the holidays; we look forward to being part of your Christmas story this year…..” Adam & Natalie Stone

Choosing your perfect Hilltop tree – Fraser or Balsam?
The Fraser Fir is the most popular Christmas tree sold throughout North America as a whole. Often referred to as the “Cadillac of Christmas trees”, its popularity is mainly due to its excellent needle retention qualities, its intense aroma, and attractive lush green color. The Fraser fir has a beautiful shape, with sturdy upturned branches and needles up to 1″ long and can hold numerous heavy Christmas ornaments. Available in a variety of sizes, our Fraser firs are cared for over a number of years in order to produce the very best quality Christmas trees.

The Balsam Fir is also an extremely popular Christmas tree choice, with excellent needle retention properties and wonderful, fresh aroma. Its rich and dark-green in color, with a beautiful dense, pyramid shape, the Fraser fir is topped off with its signature slender spire-like tip. Like the Fraser fir, the branches are sturdy and upturned, however, the Balsam fir’s needles are short and softer to the touch. Again, this tree can hold many heavy Christmas ornaments with ease, and will bring a rich, forest freshness to your home.

Last Hilltop orders to be placed on or before the 13th December 2016 EST to catch delivery before Christmas.

My readers get to save!
Hilltop Delivers Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garland and More! 25% Discount ON ALL PRODUCTS! .@usfg

Hilltop Delivers Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garland and More! 25% Discount! .@usfg

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