We Stop At Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

As we are driving back home after agreeing we would drive straight through to Fort Worth from Oklahoma. David see’s I am starting to hurt so he knows I need to get out and walk around. So we come upon a exit to a Gas Station in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. David ask if I wanted to stop there because David say’s it wasn’t our usual stop.

I tell him it is fine as I need to use the restroom and if I hadn’t stopped there before then I hadn’t had a chance to shop in there station. David says okay and exits off the Freeway. Then he drives over to the Station and pulls in. As he does I look around to see what is around the Gas Station.

I do I notice a trailer and all I can say is “OMG” Once I find my voice I tell both David and Charlie there is a Wrestling Trailer out by the Gas Pumps. Both Charlie and David think I am crazy and that I have lost my mind. I get out of the car and start walking over to the trailer as I wanted to get a picture of it.

This trailer was a part of Imperial Wrestling Revolution which none of us had heard of before. Although there was several wrestlers on the trailer all three of us recognized. I had Charlie stand in front of it and took his picture as I knew it would be something we could hang on his wall.

I should know David always has my back because as I am getting pictures he sees a couple walking up and ask them if it is okay. Both the lady and gentleman say it is fine. Once I am done I explain how much Charlie loves Wrestling. They are kind enough to talk to both Charlie and I for a while.

We start to walk away I am given there information and Charlie leaves with a shirt from there last Wrestling Match. This was a dream come true for both David and Charlie. As now we know of another Wrestling company we can follow. Which I can’t wait to do as they work with a lot of Charlies and David’s hero including the Von Erich which everyone knows my sister and I love.

Through all of this David is very quite and as we drive away David says this was a “GOD MOMENT” so meeting the family of the Wrestlers and getting a T Shirt was wonderful but knowing David say we was able to meet them through “GOD” means more to me that anything in the world. Because it shows me he is coming along to believe in “GOD” the way I do.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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