Wishing you a beautiful day in Heaven

Today is the day my daughter Suzzane was called home. 11/28/2004 and her services was December 03. Back in 2004 it happened to be Thanksgiving weekend. The time we should be reflecting on all we have. Although I was dealing with a loss and pain I didn’t think I could get through.

As well as dealing with my dad who wasn’t feeling well. I was planning a funeral and a memorial service calling friends and family letting them know of our loss. When I have to stop everything and take my father to the hospital.

Which I am thankful I did as my father was having a massive Stroke and if I hadn’t gotten him to the hospital when we did we would have lost him as well. So let me tell you we can handle more than we think we can as I did during that time.

Today, I know my daughter is looking down on me and watching me to make sure I am okay so this morning I would like to let you know I know I have struggled and fallen many times but I am trying to move forward and take care of my family.

Suzzane I love you and I know your happy and safe where you are and I love you and I miss you more than anything in the world. I wish I could hold you just one more time or see your smile. I would like to introduce you to your brother.

Although at this time it isn’t the right time but I know one day it will be so for today I am sending you my love and letting you know I was thinking of you today. Many, many hugs and kisses to you know and always.

Love, momma

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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