Happy Birthday to David

This morning is Davids Birthday and both Charlie and I was hopping he would be off as we wanted to take him to see Minions 3. Because David has been asking if we can go see it. Although since we have waited so long there are other movies out he also wants to see. So once he gets home this afternoon if he isn’t to tired we will head out to the movies. As I am sure we will go to Movie Tavern as that is where I like watching movies at. And the last time we went to Coyote Drive in the movies was to dark and we couldn’t see them.

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For Davids Birthday a couple months ago I found these pictures at Grapevine Mills Mall in Grapevine, Texas so after reminding Charlie of them. I asked which one he would like to get David. And we picked out the Wolf picture to go in the game room or Charlies playroom as it is a combination of both. I asked Charlie why they Wolf over the Eagle and like me he thought it would look better in the room and that they David would like it a lot more than the Eagle picture.

Wolf Picture


Although if everything works out the way I hope it does at Christmas then Charlie and I plan on going back and getting David the Eagle picture if they still have it. As I can see it in the game room as well. Or even over our Fireplace. Or if David is nice I might even let him put it in my office. Now I have a question for you if you was purchasing one of these pictures which one would you chose and why?

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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