Wordless Wednesday Kids Will Be Kids !!! So “BREATH!!!

Good morning friends

Welcome to this weeks”WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!! and “KIDS WILL BE KIDS and we need to “BREATH”!!!!


Just Breathe, is what I kept saying this “MORNING” as I struggled to get Charlie ready for school.

As his “MOUTH and the tone that comes out of it is going to drive me to “DRINK””!!

So here I go “BREATH” do not yell, do not SCREAM and do not grab a “DRINK” just walk away as “KIDS WILL BE KIDS” and they have to come home sometimes and you can punish them then.

In the meantime send them to school so you and I both can have a “BREAK”!!!

Thank “GOD” for Wordless Wednesday as I can tell him this and he can not talk.

If only it would work!!


Glenda, Charlie and David

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