Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Oh My Heartsie Girl

Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Oh My Heartsie Girl

Wordless Wednesday Announcement

Charlie drawing on Hammermill paper

Hello, and welcome to this weeks Wordless Wednesday hosted by Karren Haller from Oh My Heartsie Girl. Please take time to stop by her blog at http://www.OhMyHeartsieGirl.com and let me know what you thought of her Blog. Then come back and join is our Link Up as we love making new friends and finding new blogs to follow.

How to Make a Robot for Kids With Home Materials


This week with Charlie back in school I have been looking for new things to do with him after school so as I was on Pinterest I found this post on How to Make a Robot that I knew Charlie would enjoy. So if you would like to make one for your home check them out at: http://www.ehow.com/how_6791126_make-robot-kids-home-materials.html

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever? I think teachers should let the children in there classroom make them as every kid could bring a water bottle from home and the school should have all the other items they would need. If the school decided to do them they could be done as art project, Science or math. What other class do you think they could make them in and why did you chose it?


Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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