“Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening,”

I’ve got Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening,” Creating A Better World for yourself and the Planet the new book by renowned consciousness researcher and bestselling author Ilona Selke. This will make the perfect Gift for those who are personal-development fans?

A How-To Book for Making Your Dreams Come True

In “Dream Big,” Ilona offers readers profound yet easy-to-follow advice to take charge of their own healing and life outcomes: stop, look and choose. Through engaging real-life stories of transformative experiences combined with inspirational guidance, she invites all to consider the nature of the universe from a new perspective.

Dream Big” provides concrete practices to support people in setting and achieving goals while transmuting whatever may be blocking them into healthier, more joyful energies.

“These techniques are easy to follow and easy to recall,” Ilona says. “Just remember three words: stop, look, choose. Stay with this practice for days, weeks, months, years and watch your world transform.”

Dream Big

  • Published September 9, 2017 (Living from Vision)
  • 284 pages
  • $19.95 US, paperback; $4.99 US Kindle
  • Available for purchase on Amazon.com or through Ilona’s website

About Ilona: Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer and musician as well as CEO and cofounder of Living from Vision. Over 30+ years, Ilona has inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness and create a successful life. She has written four books, produced 25 music and meditation CDs and coauthored two books, one with Brian Tracy and one with Jack Canfield. Her new book “Dream Big: The Universe Is Listening” offers real-life stories of transformation as well as practical tips anyone can use to shapeshift their lives from the inside out. Ilona has a weekly TV program called “Quantum Living,” has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and has been interviewed and quoted in a variety of books and films. She is a well-loved speaker for Hay House Summit in America and Germany as well as for a number of other prominent mind-body-spirit conferences. She is fluent in English, German, French and Indonesian. With her husband, Don Paris, Ph.D., Ilona has supported new research into quantum physics through a tool called the SE-5 1000. The couple also built the Shambala Oceanside Retreat Center in 2007. Ilona has spent more than 1,000 hours in the water with dolphins and written two books about the wisdom she has gained from her time with them. She and her husband divide their time between their home in Ubud, Bali, their retreat center on the north shore of Bali and their geodesic dome house on an island in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. For more information, visit www.IlonaSelke.com and www.LivingFromVision.com

I will be receiving both a PDF file and also a hardback copy of this book in exchange for a review but the thoughts in the review will be all mine and mine alone.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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