Find Toys, Games, Arts, and Crafts For Only $1 Each!

Find Toys, Games, Arts, and Crafts For Only $1 Each! Shop Today!


With Charlie struggling in reading I am always on the lookout for quality books that will grab Charlie’s attention without breaking the bank and this is where Dollar Tree comes in handy.

Now, if your not familiar with the Dollar Tree I would like to let you know unlike other Dollar Stores this one is truly a dollar tree as everything in the store is only $1. Nothing is over that $1 dollar so I hope you take the time to visit them either online or in person.

Questions & Answers Educational Books, 30 pages

Questions & Answers Educational Books, 30 Pages

Once Charlie has had a time to read these books I want to know how much he has comprehended so I picked up these Jot 100- Sheet Classic Black & White Composition Notebooks and Charlie can use them to make a book report and also practice his handwriting.

So be watching as I can’t wait to share with you some other items I purchased from Dollar Tree as I am in there at least once a week. So if you had asked me where I was yesterday I would have to tell you at the Dollar Tree picking up batteries and also a Dust Pan and some socks for Charlie and I.


 Now, I would like to ask you to visit Dollar tree and check  Shop For Cleaning Supplies, Storage and Hardware Products Today At The Lowest Prices! Then stop back by and let me know what you found that you just can’t live without.
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Thank you,
Glenda,Charlie and David Cates


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