FREE 12×8 Canvas Print From Canvass On Sale

FREE 12×8 Canvas Print at Canvass On Sale

Now that we are reaching Valentines Day if I was going to do a Valentines Day Gift Guide for  this year I think Canvass On Sale would also make a perfect fit for a Valentines Day Gift Guide as well.

For Christmas I picked out a Coffee Mug for David with a picture of Charlie and I on it. As David is always drinking coffee and always asking for pictures of Charlie and I. So even when David is at work he will be able to have us with him. I picked out a right hand mug as David is right handed. If I had gotten one for me I would have priced out a left handed mug. I also liked how well the picture on the mug shows up and that it is dishwasher safe. This mug holds the perfect size of beverage and can be used for hot or cold drinks.

Thermochromic color-changing custom photo mug with photography of a girl

For Charlie with him getting a new computer a couple months ago I had a mouse pad made for him with a picture of me and him on it. Although next time I might get a mouse pad for me with all three of us on it. Or I might just put Sandi and Samantha as it would be nice to see the girls as I work.

Charlie says he loves his mouse pad and that it is the perfect size for his  desk. I asked him what he thought of it being black and he says that makes it even better as black is his favorite color.

Custom mouse pad with a photography of two women

Then for myself I picked out a set of magnets and I picked different pictures of Charlie and I to go on the magnets as I don’t have many pictures of David and the ones I have aren’t that good or that clear.

Once Christmas was here and I showed both David and Charlie the magnets they both asked for a set. David says on his we would like to have pictures of Charlie and I, his daughter and her husband and our dogs.

As for Charlie I asked him what he would like to have on his magnets and he says he would like to have us as a family, his dogs, sisters and grandparents. So now I know what to purchase for both Charlie and David for Valentines Day as well as Christmas next year. So be watching to see when I purchase from Canvass On Sale and what we pick out for our family.


Good morning, today I would like to share with you three Gifts I was able to purchase for David and Charlie as well as for myself for Christmas. The Gifts came from US Family Guide and Canvass On Sale . I was sent a Gift Code in exchange for adding Canvass On Sale to this years Christmas Gift Guide.



I hope you are doing fine.
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