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As a parent who is just beginning on her Journey to Homeschooling in Texas. I have been talking to different people as I wanted to find out what resources they use when teaching their children. As I was speaking to them, the one thing that I kept hearing was to use items our children are interested in learning. To do these, they said we could use movies, books or Audio Tapes. So this week as I was working on Charlie’s lesson plans for next week. I remembered what they said about using movies to teach our children.

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This morning as I was looking things up God leads me to a site called I was amazed that has movies on almost every subject I plan on teaching including music and math. So I decided to do a search and see if they had any movies based on Basketball because in a few weeks this is what Charlie want’s to study. I did a search, and pulled up a whole list of movies based on Sports, and are broken done into categories, so all you have to do is click on the sport your teaching.

I love knowing once we finish watching whichever movie we decide to attend that they offer us a lesson plan we can print out for free to have the children do. Which will save us time as everything we need is in one place.  All you will need is to dust off your library card to rent the movies you’re using in your lesson plan that week. Or pick up a copy on Amazon. Or you might be able to watch the film you chose on Amazon.

I have a suggestion for you if you plan on using that you chose which movies you plan on watching that week and pick them all up at once. Or place an order for them at one time as it will save you money on shipping and handling. Although you can ask your friends and family members, friends or neighbors if they have the movies you’re going to watch and borrow it from them.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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