Ultimate Blog Challenge Day #7

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day #7 as today is Saturday I had plans to have this done early and to spend the rest of the day with Charlie. Only once again God had different plans for us. Which is part of my goal this year to fully rely on God and to not question him when things are changed.

So here I am this evening after fighting a cold all day and just cuddling on the couch with Charlie watching Property Brothers while he played on my table. Which is fine as it helped us get rid of some stress and just spend time with Charlie and allowed us to sit and talk about things happening with him. Which we have needed as he has missed his dad a lot and with me working even though it is from home I hadn’t been spending the time I needed to with him.

So it is time to change things again which I will work on this week. But in the meantime I talked to Charlie about the Ultimate Blog Challenge and why I signed up for it and he agrees it is a smart way to start the new year.

So I discussed today’s prompt with Charlie which is:

Day 7: Create a Resources List

Sharing links to sites that have helped you in your business is a great way to get some “link love” as well as help your readers with some pretty cool information! Share the top resources that make your day-to-day online life easier.

So Charlie and I talked about Blogging and I asked him if he had some resources he would share and he says duh mom…. So I was like what does duh mom mean.  When Charlie says Mrs. Elle is a resource and he is right as she is the VA I use.

Then he says what about all the books you have in the office and I asked which books he was talking about and he said the Dummy books you will not let us get rid of. Which Charlie is right as I would be lost without my dummy books as they have allowed me to learn so much through reading them and using the information I find in the books.

Then Charlie says mom you also live on You Tube and are always watching movies and taking classes to become a better blog which is also true. So if your looking for a resource I would tell you to make both Google and You Tube your best friends and you can learn so much through both of these sites.

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Google Blogger For Dummies

Mom Blogging For Dummies

Thank you for taking the time to read “Ultimate Blog Challenge Day #7 if. Now, if you haven’t joined us in this years Challenge there is still plenty of time so jump on board as the more the merrier.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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