13+ Angel Crafts for Christmas 0

I am so excited David, Charlie and I will be picking out our Christmas Tree on Thursday and it is the first time Charlie has ever had a real tree. I love seeing how excited both Charlie and David are and I can’t wait to go shopping with them for ornaments.

Although, I want us to make some as well. Especially popping popcorn and stringing it as these are things neither David or Charlie have ever done. So, as I was getting things ready yesterday I stopped and was looking on Pinterest and I found a lot of Ornaments we can make as a family.

As I gather the items we will need to make these items I thought you might want to check them out as well. Because we all know Angels are everywhere so why not have them all over the tree? And if we trim them in blue it will match our tree. As Charlie wants it all decorated in blue and white.

Clothespin Angels by Mom Dot
Sparkling Angel Wing Ornament by Crafts a la Mode
Dishtowel Angels by Dollar Store Crafts
Christmas Angel Craft by Uncommon Designs
Kleenex Angels by Gingersnap Crafts
Rustic Angel Ornament by Canary Street Crafts
Kid Made Angels by The Crafting Chics
Lightbulb Angels by Crafts by Amanda
Birch Bark Angel Wings by Blue Fox Farm
Cork Angels by Morenas Corner
Salt Shaker Angels by Little Miss Celebration
Macaroni Angels by Suzy’s Sitcom
Glowing Angels by One Artsy Mama

I have a question for you which of these Crafts did you like the most and have you made any of these before? For me I can’t wait to make the Sparkling Angel Wing Ornament by Crafts a la Mode because everyone who knows me knows I love Angel Wings.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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