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Good morning, How are you this afternoon? As we begin a new week I wanted to bring you this weeks Homeschool Bloggers Shoutout. This week I am here with Enrichment Studies. Enrichment Studies is written by Erica Jones and I would like to let you know I have been following Erica and he site for a while as I use her Homeschool Resources when I am teaching Charlie.

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Hi!  I’m Erica Johns, and I a a mom to  six awesome kids. My husband Dave and I started homeschooling way back in 1997, and over all these years I’ve learned quite a bit about what gets done, what falls through the cracks, what never makes the cut into the budget, and what tools I need to make home education successful.  Studying composers and artists never seemed to get done like I imagined it would, mainly because of time, energy, and budget constraints.

Eventually I figured out what I needed, but it didn’t exist, so I set about to create it.  Here we are a couple of years later, making it so easy and affordable for homeschool families to share classical music and fine art with their children!  (We are now even  branching out into more areas, including science, history, and much more to come!)

This week I would like to invite you to come and learn about John William Waterhouse and the Fine Art he creates for all of us to see.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this weeks Homeschooling Blogger and Please come back next Monday as we find someone else to follow and check out there Homeschool Resources. Also, if you are a Homeschool Blogger or if you know of one that you think we should compose a shoutout for Please leave me a comment and I will make sure I check them out as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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