Charlie Needs To Get Up! & Move!

Charlie Needs To Get Up! & Move!


Because Charlie has been about to drive me up the wall with his play stations. Charlie  has gotten into the habit of wanting to play it and not go outside at all. Which isn’t something I improve of as all children need outside daily.. As children just as adults need to get up and move and to exercise when possible.

We all need to get some kind of exercise everyday. So today I was finally able to get Charlie to go down to Pecan Park with me. Since David was off he actually swung Charlie on the swings.

Now the sad part is I didn’t get up and walk the way I should have. As I can’t lose weight if I don’t move. So I can’t preach to Charlie about moving if I am not willing to.

With tomorrow being Sunday I am making a pledge for Charlie and I and it is that we will be getting out everyday for at least 30 minutes. To do some kind of exercise and if possible I will keep us out longer.

If it isn’t to hot and the humidity isn’t to high and I can breath while outside. As there is just so much to do from playing soccer to riding bikes. As Charlie has a new bike David picked up for him the other day.

So be watching the blog and see if we make it outside everyday and if I am able to lose the weight I need to lose. As I am tired of the way I look and also the way I feel.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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