Charlie Is Now Homeschooled

As of yesterday David went up to the school and removed Charlie due to the incident last week. So Please pray with me as we begin this new journey. Which I have been on before. But it is still scary as I wasn’t prepared to Homeschool Charlie at this time. I also am not 100% percent sure this was the right thing to do. Especially with Charlie going into 5th grade next year.

Although wives are supposed to follow in there husbands footprints so this is what I am trying to do. So last night and most of this morning I have been researching things for school. Once again I have checked into K12 and they ask for so much paperwork and items that I am not sure I can get. So again I am not sure this is the right place for Charlie.

So as we begin our journey I am placing it into Gods hands and planning on visiting some bookstores this week to pick up workbooks. As well as using resources I have found online. I just pray there are items for both Language Arts and Math as there is so much of both that I just don’t know. So, if Charlie has¬†depended on me to teach him he is in a world of hurt.

For those of you who are wondering Charlie is in 4th grade so if you have resources that would help us out Please leave me a comment. Or blogs or websites you think we should check into once again leave me a comment. As I need all the help I can get because this is one scary journey we are venturing out on.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie, and David Cates

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