Charlie Turns 9 on December 16th

Charlie Turns 9 on December 16th. So, I have been struggling trying to come up with presents for Charlie for his Birthday. As the way Davids hours have been we haven’t been able to purchase Gifts for Charlie the way we usually do.


So the other day Charlie was begging to go up to Game Stop in Haltom City on Denton Highway. As Charlie wanted to check on a new Game he was wanting. So even though I wasn’t in the mood to take Charlie to Game Stop I did.

So  all I can say is God was looking out for me and he knew our  needs and provided a way for me to get the items I wanted to get Charlie. Because as David and Charlie where looking in Game Stops at the game Charlie wanted.

I found a clearance rack there was  several Wrestlers Charlie didn’t have which Charlie had asked for so I was able to pick up all 5  Wrestlers on sale. Plus I was able to spend less on these 5 than I would have had at another store.  So now I am prepared for Charlies Birthday.


So all I can say is if someone ask you to go somewhere you might want to do it. As God might have a plan for you that you didn’t know about.

So if your children are into Wrestlers the way Charlie is make sure you take the time to check out Game Stop as they also had quite a few Skylander figurines on sales.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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