Congrats to Les and Toby On Becoming Parents

Leslie’s baby was supposed to have been here on Thursday only he wasn’t ready to come then. So we all waited for the phone call telling us Les was in labor.

Or that the doctor had decided to do the C Section which was supposed to have happened on Thursday. Although for some reason the doctor decided to wait a bit longer.

On Saturday morning Les went into the hosipital to register so when labor began they would be ready for her. While at the hospital filling out her paperwork Les water broke.

They asked Toby to  finish filling out the paperwork and the nurse wheeled Leslie into her room. Once inside the room  the nurse checked Les and found out she was diluted to a 3.

Les called Granny Sherry on Saturday morning once the nurse was finished checking her over to let Granny Sherry know was dilated to a 3.  Granny grabbed her suitcase and Alex and they got ready to head to Fort Hood.


Before they left for Fort Hood Granny and Alex came by our home to let David now Les was in Labor. As Leslie is his Davids youngest daughter.

I asked David before they left the area if he wanted to go with Granny to Fort Hood or if he wanted to take our car and David told me no. He would rather wait for them to come and visit so he could hold the baby.

Since there wasn’t anything we could do from here David and I went on and did the errands we needed to do and they headed to Fort Hood. So most of Saturday we sat by the phone and waited and waited and waited.

As it takes 3 to get to  Fort Hood our family begin PRAYING they wouldn’t get into traffic and miss the baby being born. As Les wanted Granny in the room with her. Being that far away neither Les nor Toby had friends or family to be with them.  We  knew Les and Toby would be scared being by thereself. I began to Pray everything would work out and the baby would be born healthy.

Elijah Jacob Torres 9 lbs 1 oz

To keep our minds off Les and what was happening we  kept busy all day with Charlie. As  we waited for Sherry or Alex to call and say the baby was born. By 8 pm  he still hadn’t arrived and Les had been dilated to a 8 for 3 hours.

Finally the doctors came in and let Toby and Les know that if  nothing had happened by 10 pm they would take Les back to do a C-Section. Which we had all thought would happen as it was what her mom had when Les was born. So not only does Les have a C Section in common with her mom but also me as I had one with Charlie.

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Leslie and Tobiah J Torres

David went on to bed around 9 pm as he has to get up at 3 am. At 10:30 we hadn’t heard anything so I woke David up and asked him to call his mom and check  on Les and Toby. As I figured the call would mean more coming from her dad than me.

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Before David could call Les I received a text saying  they were taking Les back to do the C Section.  Around 10:45 Les  and Toby had there son. We were sent pictures of Les holding him and Toby standing by the bed. I was so proud of them and so happy for them.

Once again this  morning I would like to say Congrats to Les and Toby and to let the new baby know he has the best parents ever and that he  is one loved little boy.

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This morning I would like to ask everyone to Please Pray for Granny Sherry and Alex to make it home safely as they spent the night in Fort Hood and will be returning home sometime today asI know Granny must be tired. And she does all the driving so I know Papa who is at home is also worried.

Please Pray Les and Toby are able to come to Fort Worth next month like they are planning to do as Les dad and grandfather are waiting to see the new baby along with Sandra Les mom. Who wasn’t able to get to Fort Hood last night as she didn’t have a car to get there.

Now you might ask about me and Charlie and if we are excite to see the new baby and I would like to tell you  yes, both Charlie and I can’t wait to see the new baby.

Although both Charlie and I have had problems with Les in the past so I am not sure where our place is in the babies lives. Or even if we will be allowed to hold him even though we both love him.

I am just waiting until they arrive and will see what happens. Although if I am not able to hold the baby I will be okay with that as I know it isn’t Gods will.  So just like when I lost Suzzane I  will move on with my life.

As for Charlie I don’t want them to keep Charlie from holding the baby and letting him get pictures of him as Charlie does love Les even though she has hurt him in the past.

If she doesn’t let Charlie see the new baby I will never forgive her. Which I know is wrong but your not going to hurt my son. So Please keep us all in your Prayers as we work through this.

As it will be hard on David as both Les and Charlie are his children and he shouldn’t have to chose between them ever and he needs to be a part of his grandsons life.

Because no, matter what Les or Toby think both Charlie and I love them and there new baby and we don’t want anything bad to happen to them or the baby. We just want to be a part of there lives and to be treated nicely.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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