Gaylord Texan’s 14th Annual Lone Star Christmas!!

This morning as I sat at my desk waiting for time to take Charlie to school, Charlie was still talking about Gaylord Texan’s 14th Annual Lone Star Christmas!! Which we was blessed to be able to attend yesterday and to play on the Snow Tubing Hill. before I move forward with this post I would like to remind you to check out the first part of my story about when we first arrived at Gaylord Texan and what happened before we went into Ice! and the Snow Tubing Hill.

I would like to let you know before I share my thoughts with you that I would like to let you know Ice! was the coldest place I have ever been to. It is 9 degrees inside Ice! and yes, they do provide jackets for everyone. Although, if Charlie and I are able to attend next year we will be wearing a light jacket as well under the jackets we are given by the hotel to wear to keep us warm. As these jackets are a lot heavier made than one we could purchase. Although I do on purchasing a hat and mittens for all three of us the next time we attend Ice. As my hands started hurting because they had gotten so cold. Although I would like to let you know Ice! was still worth being cold and even without a hat and mittens I would still go back as we had so much fun.

Now here is something I would like to let you know as we have several babies in our family who are in strollers. You can not take a stroller into Ice! So, make sure you bring something to carry the baby in as you will want to have your hands free as you walk through the exhibit. Especially if you go down the slide they have inside the exhibit.

Can you believe Ice! is made of 2 million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures. The sculptures was crafted by master artisans who travel across the globe from Harbin, China. Now, I have a “fun”  fact for you each Gaylord Hotel has a Ice! exhibit and they rotate them through each hotel. So if there was a theme you wanted to see and wasn’t able to call the local Hotel to see which city it is in and take a trip for the Holidays.

Once Charlie, David and I finished looking around Ice! we went to the Snow Tubing Hill. As we waited in line I was surprised to see adults go down the Snow Tubing Hill. So, I asked David if he wanted to go and he said no, as he was afraid the cold and wet would bother his knee. As for me I didn’t think I could climb all the stairs and still walk back to the car as my foot had been hurting me all day long.

Charlie also wanted to throw Snowballs but it cost extra so next time we will plan on bringing money so he can throw snowballs and I can have Hot Chocolate while David goes into On the Blocks Ice Bar as he wanted to try out one of there drinks. Then Charlie and I wanted to go into the Gift Shop and purchase some gifts. Plus, with Charlies Birthday happening soon I wanted to get him a Build A Bear from the Kiosk they had set up.


Monday through Thursday: 11am – 8pm

Friday-Saturday: 10am- 10pm Sunday 10am- 6pm

New Year’s Day: 10am- 6pm

I would like to let you know there are Value Days (Monday-Friday until 12/15 excluding 11/24 &12/15 after 5pm

General Admission pricing and also Peak Pricing

If the children aren’t too tired after visiting Ice! and the Snow Tubing Hill make sure and take them Ice Skating which the Texan Gaylord is offering for a limited time. Which Charlie has asked me to take him back to do during the Holidays. I just need to find a friend of Charlies to take with us as I don’t think Ice Skating is something my knees would hold up to.

If your planning on taking pictures with Santa you can do this at the Gaylord Texan as well. Once Charlie and I walked by there set up we both know next year we plan on having our pictures taken there. As the set up was so cute and unique that both of us feel in love with it and can’t wait to have our pictures taken.

Another event I want to take Charlie to is Santa’s Christmas Cottage as it would make the perfect Birthday Gift for Charlie. As Santa has lost his magical key and Charlie and his friends can help Santa find the key. They will have 4o minutes to solve the clues and I can’t wait to see if they are able to find the key in time.

Once we was leaving we walked by Gingerbread Decorating Corner and I have always wanted to put together a Gingerbread House with Charlie and we haven’t ever taken the time to do it. So the next time we visit Gaylord, Texan you can bet your bottom dollar that I plan on having David and Charlie make a Gingerbread House with me.

Then I have one more surprise for Charlie as I am wanting to spend one night at the Hotel during Christmas break and if I am able to make it happen. I want to take Charlie to Cookies with Mrs. Claus as this is something Charlie hasn’t ever done. So even though he is turning 10 I want to keep Charlie small a tad bit longer and this will allow me to that.

If your into Scavenger Hunts then I would like to invite you to join Gaylord Texan in there Scavenger Hunt which takes place through the Hotel. Which for me would be the perfect way to learn my way around the Hotel and to check out places we haven’t seen when visiting the Hotel. I just hope David will help us as he is very good at Scavenger Hunts.

Fun Tidbits for you:

2 Million Twinkling Lights

12 Lanes of Snow Tubing

54-Ft Tall Christmas Tree

19,500 Gingerbread Kits

2,000,000+ LBS. hand-Carved Ice

9 Degrees Inside Our 14,000 SQ-Ft Ice! Tent

100 Miles of Christmas Light Strands

Now, here is a coupon for you and your family just make sure you use it soon as it is only good the first two weeks Ice! is open. So, I would hate for you and your friends to miss out!!

Look for you can have BREAKFAST with:

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates






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