Good Dream Bad Dream By Juan Galle

Good Dream Bad Dream By Juan Galle

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Good Dream, Bad Dream by Juan Galle is the book Charlie brought home from school to read this week. As he has to read for at least 15 minutes everyday. And even though I prefer for Charlie to bring home two books each week. I was okay this week that he only brought home Good Dream, Bad Dream as it is going to be a tad bit hard for Charlie to read.

So each day I will be able to see how much he remembers from the day before as he has to read for 15 minutes each day. And this will show me if Charlie is paying attention or not.

So I sat down and read the book to Charlie this morning and we was both surprised to find it is in English as well as in a different language. Not that Charlie or I tried to read that part of the book as there was no way we would understand it or be able to pronounce the words.

But Charlie and I both enjoyed the story as well as the characters in the book. and also the illustration’s in Good Dream, Bad Dream. And since Charlie has been having me watch Halloween movies with him. I needed this book to remind me there is no, monsters. As Halloween shoes  give me the creeps and I can’t sleep after watching them.

So all in all Good Dream, Bad Dream was a huge hit with Charlie and I and I can’t wait to check out other books written by Juan Galle & Serena Valentino as I  know both Charlie and I will enjoy them a lot.

Good Dream, Bad Dream
The World’s Heroes Save the Night!

Written by Juan Calle

and Serena Valentino

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-103-6, 11 x 8.5

Around the globe and throughout history people have relied on legendary heroes for help.

Julio can’t sleep because he thinks he’ll have bad dreams. So his papa tells him a comforting secret: Anyone can summon mythic avengers to conquer their fears.Now those monsters under the bed and in the closet don’t stand a chance! Julio learns that his imagination is mighty and can turn all his dreams into good ones.

This story has universal appeal with its vibrant comic book art and bilingual Spanish translation. We share common experiences, no matter where we’re from. And we all have unlimited power when we let our imaginations fly.

Juan Calle is the lead illustrator on our recent storybooks:
The Year of the Rooster
Good Dream, Bad Dream

Juan leads Liberum Donum, an illustration and animation studio based in Bogota, Colombia.

The studio creates print media, editorial, advertising, 2D and 3D animation for movies and TV, and visual development and concept art for video games.

Their mission statement is:
Venturing in a vast universe of ideas, with the animation and the illustration as our tools, we restlessly search for the new frontier. We have traveled far but there is still much to discover. What will this fabulous adventure bring up next? Join us in our next mission.

School Library Journal highly recommended Good Dream, Bad Dream:
“In this action-packed, brightly illustrated bilingual book, a common childhood fear is addressed… The English/Spanish text demonstrates care and attention, allowing readers to access words that appropriately portray the hero given the mythology portrayed”

Kirkus Reviews endorsed the book similarly:
“Enlisting the powers of some awesome heroes transforms a child’s nightmares into commanding dreams in this bilingual flight of the imagination… The clever approach to an age-old bedtime issue will help strengthen vulnerable little minds with some resilient thinking.”

Visit his deviantArt gallery

Visit Liberum Donum’s website at



Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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