Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle

As you begin to Homeschool you might be feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to begin. So this is where having a curriculum already put together could help you out. So this morning as I was on Educents I found Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle and thought you might want to take a look at it.

All you would need with Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle arethe supplies you use to complete the work inside Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle and children’s books to read to your students. The books could be picked up at the library. I would like to remind you before you check out Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle program that you can add items to it and you don’t have to do everything that is in Kindergarten Complete Full Year Bundle. Especially if your children do not, like something just look online for something to replace what they don’t like with. As this is what I would do for my nieces and nephews as well as Charlie.

  • Grades: Kindergarten
  • Subjects: Math, Reading
  • Product Type: All-in-One Curriculum, Lesson/Unit Plans
  • Shipping Time: Products from this seller ship within 0-1 days

Product Description

The detailed lesson plans and student worksheets for all subject areas (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Development, Fitness, Fine Arts, Character Development, and Bible) are included in one sturdy three-ring binder for each semester. Student workbook pages are designed to reinforce the daily concepts and are a required part of the curriculum. Pages are copied on durable paper that withstands daily use and are easily removable for daily use or homeschool on the go. Use the seven colorful sets of flashcards to help teach your child concepts and words from within the curriculum. Bible verse charts, a hundred chart, number line, and twelve-month calendar are also a part of this bundle.

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring musicians & artists
  • Your little scientist
  • Math learners
  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)
  • Homeschoolers
  • Beginning readers


What’s included?

  • Teacher’s Manual: Semester One
  • Teacher’s Manual: Semester Two
  • Student Workbook: Semester One
  • Student Workbook: Semester Two
  • Color Words Flashcards
  • Shape Words Flashcards
  • Number Words Flashcards
  • Alphabet Flashcards
  • Sight Words Flashcards
  • Animal Words Flashcards
  • Telling Time Flashcards
  • Shape Memory Game
  • Sight Word Bingo Game
  • Bible Verse Chart Semester One
  • Bible Verse Chart Semester Two
  • Hundred Chart-Number Line
  • Calendar (12 months)

About the Seller:

A+ Publishing is committed to providing Christian parents with a high-quality homeschool curriculum to help meet the educational goals of each family. The methods and ideas have been developed by a certified teacher and tested with homeschool students. Our curriculum aligns with accepted grade level standards and exemplifies excellence in homeschool education.

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Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates
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