Life with Braces: What Should You Know? 0

Life with Braces: What Should You Know?

Braces are some of the most common orthodontic solutions. If you are suffering from common dental issues such as misaligned teeth, you can easily settle on braces and forget all about your problems. Incidentally, there exist several brace options for those considering this orthodontic treatment. You can easily go to:

  • Clear Braces
  • Normal metal braces

What you settle on depends so much on your dental conditions and personal preferences. With the help of an experienced Red Deer orthodontist, you can choose the perfect braces that meet your needs.

Change of diet; is it necessary?

At the beginning, there might be a limit on the types of food you will be able to take. Immediately after this orthodontic treatment, it is advisable to stick to foods that are soft and fluffy. You need foods that you can easily mash up. For a start, you will want to include foods such as cooked vegetables, cheese, mashed potatoes, bananas, soups and oatmeal in your diet. Ideally, there will need to keep off substances that are hard, crunchy or sticky.

Teeth loosening experience

To realize the beautiful smile that braces guarantee, moving your teeth will be necessary. In the process of moving the teeth, you will experience occasional loosening. Such an experience is normal and should not worry you unnecessarily. Having that loose teeth experience is part of the treatment. Once your teeth settle in place, you will have less to worry about.

Handling loose wire and brackets

At one point in your experience with Invisalign, something will come loose. A wire popping out of place or a bracket loosening should not give you a reason to worry unnecessarily. For the flexible wire, you can put it back in position using tweezers. It is also possible to take advantage of a pencil eraser or something gentle to push the annoying wire back in place. You might also want a dental wire to cover the problematic spot. After handling your part, it is advisable to schedule an appointment for the repair of that wire.

Taking care of your braces

Regular brushing and flossing of teeth is not an option if you want to maintain the appeal and glamour of your dental braces. You need to do this more often than you are probably doing without braces.

When it comes to brushing, choose a soft-bristled toothbrush. Anything that appears abrasive is not good for the braces. When brushing the braces, start by gently brushing the outside of your teeth while tilting the brush carefully at an angle. Remember to apply moderate pressure when handling the bottom and top parts of the braces. Do not forget to cover the teeth areas such as behind the back molars. As for flossing, do this at least once in a day.

Braces are great for correcting several dental issues. If maintained in the right way, you can have an awesome experience whether you are in Invisalign treatment or the traditional braces. Ask a few questions about how to take care of your new set of teeth before setting leaving the orthodontist’s office.

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