I have noticed more and more that Charlie is like me.

I have noticed more and more that Charlie is like me. Now, I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. But what I do know is he makes me so proud of him.

As last night we went to Walmart’s to get each of us a new pair of shoes. As we was there I also let Charlie pick out a new outfit as he is growing out of the clothes he has.

Plus, I picked out a new outfit as I have a couple meetings this week. So as we was getting ready to walk out of the store Charlie says wait we need to get a shirt for dad.

When David let Charlie know he didn’t want to spend the money on a shirt right now. Charlie wanted to put his new shoes and clothes up so David could get a shirt.

As a mom I just about melted into the floor. Then as we was at the cash register I told Charlie once we had finished paying all the bills this week that I would see if we had enough to get him the new game he had been asking for.

As we stood there Charlie says I don’t need a game you have spent enough on me. So I can tell you he is growing up. Because a couple weeks ago he wouldn’t have cared what we spent on him he would still have wanted his game.

So once we got home he tried on his outfit and shoes and showed me how they matched Davids and let me know I should get a pair to match them. Once he was dressed he says do I look okay to go to work with you?

As I picked this outfit for the Horeshoe Festival as I need to help the ladies unload and set up there booths. So once again Charlie floored me as he was thinking of others instead of himself. So all I can say is “I AM ONE PROUD MAMA”.

More and more Charlie is reminding me of his sister Suzzane as she would have done the same things. Plus Charlie has started watching prices on the things he wants and will tell us not to spend the money. As he doesn’t want us to do without.

So today I would like to let Charlie know I love him and that I am so PROUD of you. Your the best son I could ever have asked for. I can see you accomplishing all your dreams. May God keep you safe as you soar through life.

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