Once again yesterday I was reminded to not stress

Once again yesterday I was reminded to not stress and  that if we leave things in God hands they will work out the way they should. As I was sent a reminder of that yesterday. As I had been struggling with the blog and trying to fit in all I wanted to do on the blog. Along with the items I needed to for Charlie in homeschooling. The he house and the exercise I need to do to lose the weight I need to lose. So as I sat here in front of the computer I felt like I was sinking.

Then low and behold the one thing I wanted to happen happened. As I was working away  a “FACEBOOK” message popped up. So I went and checked and it was from my beautiful talented friend Elle,(L.M.),  I was so amazed as it was Elle Emme after some time away she is back and working.

A soon as I heard that all the stress I had been feeling just went away. And I could breathe and see the blog with new eyes. And all the hopes and dreams I had for the blog just fell into place. And I can not wait to show off some new things we will be sharing with everyone.

I actually feel like I have come up with the Niche for my blog and I know what I want to do and how to do it. I also know now if I budget I can pay a VA to help me accomplish my goals.

As  I had been reading more and more about blogs and how to hire someone to do the things we do not have time for. And I thought I couldn’t afford it. But through planning I can and I should as I owe it to my family to keep from getting bogged down and stressed out again.

After  much Praying I can say finally I am starting to make money with the blog which means  it is time to treat the blog like a business and to invest in my blog. Even if I never make another penny I know that it is OK . I know through God and hard work he will provide the money for me to pay for a VA. As God knows our needs before we do and helps provide for our needs even if we get different answers than what we wanted it is OK. As it wasn’t Gods plan or his timing.

Now that I am back on track things will be changing for the better. And I will be focusing more on Reviews and Giveaways.. But there will still be parenting and homeschooling tips. Because  I know that I will be able to start to pitch and rebuild the blog as God has answered my Prayers.

Knowing this and through Prayers and believing in myself I know  that I will become a better wife, mom and teacher for Charlie. As I will not be so stressed.

After Elle and our  chat yesterday I learned that I do not have to get everything done on the blog in one day. And when I need help or I am feeling overwhelmed that it is OK to ask for help. And that it is OK to say “NO” if something doesn’t feel right.

So today I would like to say “Thank you, Jesus, Elle, David and Charlie for sticking by me when I wanted to throw in the towel. And to the clients and let them know that we are back.

Mommies reviews Keep Calm and Read

And if there is something you would like to see on my site Please let me know what it is. As I can only continue to grow with your thoughts and suggestions. And Please “PRAY” for me and my family as we work hard to get a schedule we can all live with.

As it will be nice to know that there is no reason I am online 24/7 struggling and trying to answer every email and share every single thing that comes in. And I can be selective and it will only make the blog better. And what a time to realize this and put it into action. . As it is a time for new beginnings. So bring them on as I am “READY”!!!!

So I would like to share something with youI picked the word “Believe” for my word of the year and I am getting plenty of use out of it. As I had been telling myself just believe and things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Place your worries and doubts into God’s hands and I did and it all worked out. So today I believe I can do anything I put my mind to and I will be a success and a Blogger to reckon with. And I am going to be the best  Teacher, wife and mom I know how to be. And I am not going to stop “BELIEVING” that ever!!


Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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