Have you seen our new product, Super Slime?

Charlie, has been seeing Slime on TV and also when he is online and has asked if we can make Slime. Although I am not to crafty so this morning when I received a email that talked about Super Slime and shows us how it is made. I knew this would allow me to help Charlie make some Slime. With it being back to school time I thought you might want to check out Steve’s NEW Super Slime! as you can use it in your classroom as this might be what I do.

Steve Spangler's Super Slime

Have you seen our new product, Super Slime? Go beyond glue slime and make the world’s best slime using Steve’s NEW Super Slime! Making slime is a great STEM Activity — a way to introduce the concepts of changes in states of matter (from a liquid to a solid), demonstrate the process of cross-linking long chains of molecules, and to explore the science of polymers. But now it’s also a great STEAM Activity because when you’re done with the Super Slime you can create amazing Works of *Slime* Art!

Slime Art Information
When you’re done playing (oops… experimenting) with your slime, combine all of your slime into one giant pile. Find a safe surface (counter top, glass table) where the slime can spread out and dry for 5-7 days. The trick is not to touch the slime while it’s drying. Use a fan to speed up the process. When the water evaporates, your gooey, gooey slime will turn into an amazing piece of science art.

Steve Spangler's Super Slime
Super Slime Product Details:
Make professional grade slime with our new “no-glue” formula
Available in 6 vibrant colors that won’t stain your hands!
UV reactive formula glows under blacklight
Makes 32 individual batches of slime
Recommended for ages 6 and up
Slime instruction guide guaranteed to help you mix up a perfect batch of slime every time!
Learn more at:

Steve Spangler Super Slime Art

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Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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