Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 15

For today’s blog post, write about a time that you or your business faced adversity? What was it? What caused it? What did you do to overcome it? What did you learn from the incident?

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For me this was when my daughter was killed. People was wanting things from me I knew I couldn’t do or that I didn’t think Suzzane would have wanted. So finally even though I felt like I was dying inside I stood up to everyone and let them know that it was my choice as to what I chose to do about Suzzane and her services.

Which include my mother who was trying to help but pushing me to things I didn’t want and also things I didn’t think Suzzane would want. I finally said if you all don’t back off I will have Suzzane moved to Oklahoma and none of you will be at the FUNERAL period… At all As soon as I made that decision a sense of calm came over me and I knew I would be fine.

I let the community help in any way they wanted including raising money for her services as I didn’t have it and I found out it wasn’t a time to be proud. Through this I learned I could “pay it forward” by helping others going through the same things and I can never thank the people that gave me this motivation as it is how and why I do what I do now.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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