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Good morning, How are you today? I thought this week we would study Pirates. As Charlie loves watching movies about Pirates nd seeing the things they do. So join us this week for our Homeschool Resources Pirates Week. If you have resources on Pirates you would like to share with us Please leave me a comment below and I will get it added to this post as soon as possible.

Mommies Reviews Homeschool Pirate Week

Life became a little crazy last week so we weren’t able to get through Pirate week. Like I had planned on. So we will be studying Pirates for 2 weeks. And so I have included last week’s lessons for you. This way if you wasn’t able to do them as well you will have the Lessons for week 1. And then I included the new items Charlie and I will be doing to make sure we have enough Pirate work for this week. So don’t be afraid to come and join us for Pirate week 1 and 2.





Notebook Paper

Lunch Snacks


 WORDS for the WEEK

  1. beat
  2. seat
  3. three
  4. small
  5. mean
  6. clean
  7. peak
  8. dream
  9. beach
  10. team


  1. SHIP
  3. DIG
  4. FLAG
  5. PLANK


2 Thessalonians 3:13
And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right.


DAY 1–
How do we know
Which way to go?
Look at the magnet
and it will show.
DAY 2–
North, south, east or west,
For finding directions it is the best.
DAY 3–
How does it work?
It’s as simple as can be.
The planet’s biggest magnet is itself, you see.
DAY 4–
The biggest, and strongest magnet of all.
Compared to it, all others are quite small
DAY 5–
The wiped out all that they could find
Of beauty and strength and worth,
But they could not wipe out the Viking’s Wind,
That brings the ships from the North.
Start the week off at the library checking out Pirate Books then on Monday read
and discuss one of the following books with your students. Just pick the one that
is appropriate for there grade. Or ask the librarian for suggestions on books for
PreK: Goodnight Pirate
K-3RD How I Became A Pirate
4th-8th Lives of Pirates
On Friday watch Pirate Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pre-K The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,
K-5th Peter Pan,
6th- Highschool: Hook
During the week you could allow your students to dress like a Pirate.
Simple items like a Eye Patch a Gold Hoop Earring and a Sword and
poof there a Pirate.
On Wednesday have your students learn how to tie different knots
Pirates would have used.

ACTIVITY–#1– Creative Writing:

 If you were a Pirate, what would your name be and why?
 What would your pirate name be?
A pirate wouldn’t he a pirate without….
If you were a pirate would you be a good guy or a bad guy?
Where would you call home?

Activity #2–

MAKE Your OWN Pirate Flag and a Treasure Map don’t
forget X marks the spot. As you need to bury your treasure.
Be Prepared this week to walk the Plank and as the students
walkin into the classroom have a plank laid out for them to
walk on. You can even have cut fish and sharks out of paper
and put blue paper on the ground to make it more relistic.
Have the students make a map and X marks the spot where
the Treasure will be buried. Give them shovels and pails
and let them bury some Gold Coins. Then have them
ask there dads to come and hunt for the treasure.

MORE Activities–

VIDEO– (MOVIE Long Episodes)

TheHomeSchoolMom: Pirates A to Z Unit Study
For a outside game during PE you can play Capture the Flag. If you do not have a
flag let the kids make one or use a rag and decorate it. They can put there Pirate
Name on it or there Boat Name or just Skulls and Crossbones. The sky is the
For even more fun and a Art Project let them build a ship out of Cardboard
and decorate it. Once it is done they could act out one of the books or movies
they watched.
If you would like to have more resources for  Pirates, Please check out the
Now, ow I would like to ask if you know of some more Pirate resources I can add to out lessons for this week. Because I know I will be checking out Educents. Although  I know there has to be more sites with Pirate resources on them  so come and share which sites you think would have these types of resources for me.
I also invite you to check out as they have Lesson Plans for they have everything you need for another full week of Pirates studies. I am so excited to check out everything has for us. So today  I would like to invite you to come and check out there website  out with us.
O you have checked out the resources above do not forget to check out one of my favorite Bloggers.  Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool. Let  me tell you if you have not checked out Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool for your Homeschool Resources you are missing out. It has fast become my go to place when putting together Charlie’s lessons.
Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates
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