Memory Verses for August 1, 2017

When we Homeschool our children we are free to decide what to teach our children and we do not have to listen to anyone else. So one thing I loved when homeschooling Charlie that I still do is teaching Charlie about God. So today I am back with a feature I used when Charlie was homeschooling.

It is a Memory Verse and Copy work as I want to make sure Charlie learns about the Lord. So even though we aren’t attending Church at the moment I take time each week to go over the Bible with Charlie and we work on a Memory Verse. I thought you might want to check out the Biblical Memory Verses Charlie will be learning in August. Memory Verses August


Grab your August Edition HERE!

These are made where our children can color in the letters and then we can print them out to hang on the wall. I use them to help Charlie practice his reading. As well as for Handwriting and spelling as I have Charlie write the Verses out as I read them to him. I don’t let Charlie see the words as I want to see how many he can spell without missing them.

At the end of the month if Charlie can recite all 4 Memory Verses and write them without missing a word I host a small party for him and he gets a small Gift. I usually look for a book about Jesus or Stickers as it keeps Charlie interested in learning his Memory Verses and shows I appreciate what he does.

Now, I have a question for you do you teach your children about the Lord? Do you use a Bible in your classes? Are they required to learn about the Lord? Or is the Lord something you do not teach in your class? Because if you chose not to that is perfectly find because everyone’s Homeschooli classroom is there own and they have to teach what is right for there families.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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